Electricity NZV

Here you will find the publications according to Strom NZV.

Operators of electricity distribution systems shall be obliged to maintain a differential balancing group which exclusively records the deviations of the totality of final consumers with an annual offtake of up to 100,000 kilowatt hours or an individually determined other limit pursuant to paragraphs 1 and 2 from the forecast consumption of these final consumers.

No final consumers may be accounted for in the differential balancing group. The operators of electricity supply networks are obliged to publish the results of the differential balancing annually on their website.

For the grid area:

Grid area (1) Rostock overseas port

not applicable.

Network operators to whose distribution network less than 100,000 customers are directly or indirectly connected are exempt from the obligation under sentence 1 (operators of electricity distribution networks are obliged to maintain a differential balancing group).

According to § 15 Electricity NZV, electricity distribution system operators are obliged to manage congestion.
There are no bottlenecks in the Hafen Rostock grid area that require management of the available line capacities. The power grids are sufficiently dimensioned for the power requirements that arise.