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With its subsidiaries Stromkontor Netzgesellschaft mbH, Stromnetz24 GmbH and Stromkontor Griesheim GmbH, the Stromkontor Group operates electricity grids throughout Germany and specialises in converting former property and area grids into general supply grids. This makes the Stromkontor Group one of the leading grid operators in this segment and active as a supra-regional distribution grid operator throughout Germany.

GWh/a electricity
0 +
GWh/a gas
0 +
GWh/a steam
0 +

The corporate group

The parent company

Stromkontor Rostock Port GmbH

Stromkontor Rostock Port GmbH operates the electricity and steam grids in Port Rostock and runs the 110 kV substation and the 20 kV medium-voltage grid in the Rostock overseas port. It also operates the power grid at Gießerei Wetzlar. In the Stromkontor Group, it also assumes the role of electricity and gas distributor.

Grid power

370 GWh/a electricity
250 GWh/a steam

The subsidiaries

Stromkontor Netzgesellschaft mbH

Stromkontor Netzgesellschaft was newly founded in 2009 and is a 100% subsidiary of the Stromkontor Rostock Group. The company operates electricity grids throughout Germany, primarily those that were previously referred to as object and area grids and are now referred to as closed distribution grids under the new EnWG.
SKN operates electricity grids in the TechnologiePark Bergisch Gladbach, the Babelsberg Media City and the Hamburg-Süderfeld residential park.

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S24 operates the power grids in PankowPark Berlin, Geiseltalsee Krumpa, Jute Center Delmenhorst, Medienpark Moers, Bayreuth, Two Towers Berlin, GL – Center Bergisch Gladbach, and Hafen Aschaffenburg.

Stromkontor Griesheim GmbH

SKG operates the electricity and gas network in the Frankfurt-Griesheim industrial park.
Stromkontor Griesheim GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Stromkontor Rostock Port GmbH, together with its sister companies, offers flexible and fast customer-oriented solutions for the operation of energy supply networks and metering points as well as for energy supply and grid services.

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