In accordance with the requirements of the Energy Industry Act (EnWG), the Grid Charges Ordinances (StromNEV) and the Grid Access Ordinances (StromNZV), grid-relevant data must be published.

In order to ensure that the published data can be found as easily as possible, we have followed the “Guidelines for the Internet Publication Obligations of Electricity Network Operators” issued by the Federal Network Agency on 22.01.2008.

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BNetzA Guideline

§ 18 para. 1 EnWG and § 4 para. 2 and para. 3 Clause 2 NAV
General Terms and Conditions for the Grid Connection of Final Consumers at Low Voltage and for the Use of Connections by Final Consumers and Amendments to the Supplementary Terms and Conditions for the Use of Connections by Final Consumers

§ 19 para. 1 EnWG
Minimum technical requirements for the grid connection of generating installations, electricity distribution networks, installations of directly connected customers, interconnectors and direct lines

§ 29 para. 1 Clause 1 NAV
Information on contract adjustment options pursuant to § 115 EnWG

§ 3 para. 1 KraftNAV
Procedure for the grid connection of generation plants with a nominal capacity of 100 MW and more

§ 20 para. 1 Clause 1 EnWG
Conditions for network access, model contracts

§ 21 para. 1 StromNEV
Requested changes to the grid fees

§ 19 StromNEV
Individual grid fees

§ 27 para. 1 StromNEV
Applicable grid fees

§ 15 para. 5, Clause 4 StromNZV
In the case of grid congestion, the total capacity available, the transmission direction in which the congestion occurs and the forecast duration.

§ 17 para. 2 Nr. 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 StromNZV
Annual peak load and load curve as quarter-hourly power measurement, total load of customers not measured for power, total load of the schedule forecasts for load profile customers, residual load curve of the load profile customers when using the analytical procedure, peak withdrawal load and the purchase from the upstream grid level, as well as the total of all feed-ins per voltage level and over time

§ 27 para. 2 Nr. 1 to 7 StromNEV
Circuit lengths, installed capacities of the transformer levels, annual energy drawn in the previous year, number of draw-off points, number of inhabitants, supplied area and geographical area

§17 para. 2 Nr. 2, 3 and 7 StromNZV
The course, quantity and prices for grid losses, as well as the total load of grid losses

§10 para. 2 StromNEV
The amount of average losses and the average procurement costs of loss energy in the previous year per grid and transformer level

§ 23 para. 2 EnWG
Fees for the provision of compensation services

§ 12 para. 3 Clause 3 StromNZV
Results of the differential accounting

§ 13 para. 3 Clause 5 StromNZV
Uniform price for annual excess and shortfall quantities

§ 8 para. 5 EnWG
Reports on measures under the Equal Treatment Programme

§ 36 para. 2 Clause 2 EnWG:
Determination of the basic supplier in the grid area of general supply
Download: Determination of the basic supplier

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